MD1441 AU UN


Kit de lenços com fivela KissMe - 2 lenços e uma fivela folheada a ouro 18k

The KISS BUCKLE - Handkerchief and Clip Kiss Set - is a collection s sweetheart and one of the most versatile and original items. The set comes with 2 handkerchiefs and 1 kiss-shaped pin clip that can be either gold or rhodium-plated. The print plays with the exciting collection s theme inspired by Salvador Dali that bursts pleasure and pulses love. The Handkerchief and Clip Kiss Me Set can be worn in several different ways - adorning the neck or the head as a headband or anywhere else your imagination takes it. You can wear the Handkerchief and Clip Set by matching it with any other item of this same collection and also do a mix-and-match using items from other collections.


Dimensions - lenço/Handkerchief: 40 x 40cm. Fivela/pendant: 5 x 2.6cm.